What jobs could I have?

  • Sports writer
  • Sports broadcaster
  • Communications or video production for a sports team

Which track(s) should I follow?

  • Writing and Reporting
  • Strategic Communication
  • Multimedia Production and Design

Which second area of study should I consider?

  • Sport Media and Culture
  • Sport and Recreation Management

What else can I get involved in?

  • Daily Iowan
  • DITV
  • KRUI
  • BigTen
  • Internships with local teams or on campus with University of Iowa Athletics


Kimberly Chexnayder

Kimberly Chexnayder '18

On-Air Talent, National Football League (NFL)

Los Angeles, CA
Second Area of Study:
Critical Cultural Competence Certificate


"My career has been the most exciting whirlwind since graduating from the NFL filled with unimaginable experiences and access to the most dynamic sports league in the country. The daily routine is never routine and that is what excites me most as I navigate the crazy world of the NFL and our ever-changing media scope."