College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students with a declared major are advised by professional staff advisors and faculty advisors after completing 30 semester hours (s.h.) of credit. For more information or to find your advisor, visit the CLAS Advising Network.

All first-semester students and students with less than 30 semester hours are advised in the Academic Advising Center. The center’s team of advisors specializes in transitioning students to academic and student life at Iowa, and help each student plan for a successful academic start at Iowa.

Academic advising questions for students who have earned 30 semester hours or more can be directed to:

Anna Newnum
Senior Academic Advisor
E350D Adler Journalism Building

MyUI Appointment Scheduler

The SJMC academic advisor is available to assist you with developing an educational plan for Journalism and Mass Communication. Your overall plan will incorporate how to satisfy your degree requirements, as well as how to select courses to help you reach your career goals. Sophomore SJMC students who have earned between 30 s.h. and 59 s.h. of credit are required to meet with an advisor at least once during the semester before registering for classes. All SJMC students are encouraged to seek academic advising as often as needed or desired. 

Additional Advisor / Faculty Mentor

Each sophomore SJMC student is also assigned a faculty mentor to serve as an additional advisor throughout their time in the program. Your faculty mentor can provide a professional perspective on a variety of topics including selecting a second area of study, identifying and achieving career goals, and networking in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication. Faculty members are also happy to offer additional advice related to their specific areas of study. See our people page for information about faculty members’ areas of specialization, contact information, and availability.

Our departmental advisors can help you with the following:

  • Advisor signatures on add/drop and other university forms
  • Questions about course registration
  • Questions or problems with your degree audit
  • Academic planning and progress toward graduation
  • Academic probation
  • Review of study abroad courses for major credit
  • Opportunities for Honors students and information about departmental honors
  • Choosing a second area of study and other discussions regarding adding second majors, minors, and certificate programs
  • Information regarding campus resources for students
  • Other questions or concerns you may have

NOTE: If you are not yet a JMC major but have advising questions related to adding or learning about the major, you may also schedule a 30-minute appointment through the appointment scheduler by following this path: New appointment with > College Office > College of Liberal Arts and Sciences > Major Exploration > Journalism and Mass Communication.