What jobs could I have?

  • Press agent
  • Campaign worker
  • Speechwriter
  • Legislative staffer
  • Political reporter

Which track(s) should I follow?

  • Reporting and Writing
  • Strategic Communication

Which second area of study should I consider?

  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • History
  • International Relations
  • Ethics
  • Public Policy

What else can I get involved in?

  • Daily Iowan
  • PolitiFact Iowa
  • DITV
  • University of Iowa student government
  • Internships or volunteer work with political campaigns 


Seung-Min Kim

Seung-Min Kim '07

White House Reporter, Washington Post

Washington D.C.
Second Area of Study: Political Science


"I get to cover the intersection of two of the most fascinating and most powerful institutions - the White House and the U.S. Congress - documenting the most consequential policy fights, questioning powerful elected officials and doing it all for my childhood dream publication."