What jobs could I have?

  • Photojournalist
  • Freelance photographer
  • Graphic designer
  • Advertising creative director

Which track should I follow?

  • Multimedia Production and Design

Which second area of study should I consider?

  • Graphic Design (Art)
  • Photography (Art)
  • Studio Arts

What else can I get involved in?

  • Daily Iowan
  • Online News Association
  • Student Life Communications
  • Photo and design internships on and off campus


Lily Smith

Lily Smith '20

Visual Journalist, Omaha World-Herald

Omaha, NE
Second Area of Study: Certificate in Writing


"I love being able to tell interesting and impactful stories through visuals for a community. I love getting to continually challenge myself every day and learn new things about my community and myself. Telling someone I work at the World-Herald and having them thank me for my work or compliment my coworkers and I for what we do makes me feel so grateful that our work makes an impact. I can confidently say I have my dream job."