What jobs could I have?

  • Magazine Writer
  • Freelancer
  • Nonfiction Writer
  • Author

Which track(s) should I follow?

  • Reporting and Writing

Which second area of study should I consider?

  • English Creative Writing
  • Writing Certificate
  • American Studies

What else can I get involved in?

  • Fools Magazine
  • inklit
  • earthwords
  • Ed on Campus


Rishabh Raj Jain

Rishabh Raj Jain '14

Multi-Format Reporter, Associated Press (AP)

New Delhi, India
Second Area of Study: Economics


"As the AP motto goes - first one in, last one out - my job at the South Asia Desk has given me front row seats to some of the most pertinent news events in the region, and the ability to bring those stories out for the global audience. By getting published in newspapers and picked up by broadcasters around the world, I know my work is truly reaching the masses. In this ever changing industry, AP now prepares you to work across formats - print, video, photo - creating news ninjas that can go at it alone and report exclusive stories from challenging locations."