Carla Keppler LaPorta

Professional Advisory Board
Associate Communications Director - Humana

Carla has worked in the corporate communications space for more than a decade, primarily focused on employee communications and engagement. She has strong experience working with a variety of companies, including those in the healthcare, technology, agriculture, consumer goods, manufacturing and financial industries. In addition to her experience supporting C-Suite executives, Carla has contributed to the planning, development and delivery of several organization's M&A communications and culture campaigns. She also contributes to strategic project and program planning and is a trusted project manager who places heavy emphasis on building strong relationships.

Carla is able to apply her research background for corporate and employee communications measurement work through surveying, data review and analysis, and reporting. Drawing from an early role as an data analyst, she focuses on competitive analysis, helping companies stay on top of the industry trends and conversations shaping their business. She studies client's competitive landscapes, analyzes the marketplace and searches for opportunities where to better address customer concerns and business needs through internal and external communications.

Carla graduated from the University of Iowa with bachelor degrees in journalism and communications studies.

Carla Keppler