Bingbing Zhang

Assistant Professor

What is Bingbing’s Story? 

Bingbing’s current research areas include media effects, political communication, health, and science communication. The primary goal of her research is to explore how strategic media messages bolster healthy social practices in the following four aspects: encouraging prosocial behaviors, promoting healthy practice, increasing public understanding of science, and fostering democratic engagement. 

In addition to messaging factors, her research focuses on how individuals use media messages to engage in public affairs, what factors impact such behavior, and the consequences to which it will lead. 

Bingbing teaches undergraduate courses in strategic communication and media effects and graduate courses in social scientific approaches. 


  • JMC:3530 - Social Media Marketing
  • JMC:1100 - Introduction to Media Effects 
  • JMC:6300 – Social Scientific Approaches to Media Communication 
Bingbing Zhang
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 2023
Contact Information

W309 Adler Journalism Building (AJB)
United States