Anna Newnum

Academic Advisor

Anna Newnum is the Academic Advisor for Journalism & Mass Communication majors. The first time she set foot on campus was as a Ph.D. student in English. She was previously a undergraduate advisor for the department of English and has worked as a writing tutor. She’s taught literature and composition courses at both the University of Iowa and Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH.

“I love working with JMC majors because they are both creative and focused on using it for a purpose; making things happen in the world or making others aware of what’s happening. I appreciate the power of storytelling across different mediums.”

Anna serves as a vital part of student success. She is a student advocate and active supporter of diversity and inclusion. She strives to help students make meaning of their college experience. Anna will talk with students about their interests, talents, setting goals, establishing connections and assist in the creation of an academic plan. Anna provides support for challenges both inside and outside the classroom!

Anna Newnum

E350D Adler Journalism Building (AJB)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States