Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

Graduate Student
Teaching Assistant

What is Abubakar's Story?

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim is a Ph.D. Student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. His research interest revolves around the intersection of information disorder (e.g., disinformation) politics and media representation. Specifically, he is interested in how information disorder and representation are employed to manipulate power dynamics among people across socioeconomic, racial, and political divides.

Prior to joining the University of Iowa, he had worked for over a decade as an award-winning journalist, rising to the position of General Features Editor at one of Nigeria's biggest newspapers, where he sits on the editorial board and writes a weekly general interest column.

He is also a multiple-award-winning author of four acclaimed books of fiction that have been translated into several international languages. He has also facilitated writing workshops for journalism and fiction. He is the recipient of several international writing and journalism fellowships

Abubakar Ibrahim
Contact Information

E337 Adler Journalism Building (AJB)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States